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Author A. Govindan (former Director, Bureau of Indian Standards and trainer in the field of Food Safety)

The book is a scientific compilation of five chapters starting with Introduction to Food Safety, the seven Codex Principles of HACCP, details of CODEX,  and covers implementation of Food Safety through HACCP.  Practical examples of implementation of HACCP based on the author's experience of having implemented the system in various food industries are the highlight of the book.  The book will help those new to the concept of HACCP in acquiring a fairly good understanding of HACCP.

Cost : Rs. 200/-

Food Contaminants and Control deals with major contaminants in different types of food items and ways and means of controlling them so that the food that we consume is safe to eat.  This topics covered would help a layman and food safety professional in controlling food contaminants - covers physical, chemical and biological contaminants and their control.  The book covers topics on Food poisoning at the National and International levels, Food Safety hazards, Pesticides in Fruits, Vegetables and Spices and how to overcome excessive pesticide residues, Organic farming, Restrictions on the use of pesticides, Food Adulteration and health problems, Food spoilage and ensuring food safety.  The book also covers simple methods of detection of food adulteration in common food items.

Cost : Rs. 50/-

A malayalam version of the above book.

Cost : Rs. 30/-

Random Thoughts on Quality and Food Safety is a compilation of articles published by the author during his career in various magazines and publications, on the subject of Quality, Standardization and Food Safety.  Covers topics of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2018, HACCP, PRPs and BRC and is a single source of reference on the topics of Quality and Food Safety.  The book is in three parts - the first dealing with Quality, the second on Food Safety and the third on food laws. Section on Quality deals with evolution of Standards and Principles of Standardization and Quality Certification and progresses towards Quality Management System and Certification. The next section deliberates on evolution of HACCP concepts, Food hygiene, Standards for food preservation, Irradiation of food, International Standards on Food Safety Management, Global review of Food Standards and BRC Standards for Food Safety.  The third part deals with Indian Food Laws and food safety issues focused in the Food Law.

Cost : Rs. 200/-


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