Royal Society for Public Health, UK is an independent, multi-disciplinary charity, dedicated to the promotion and protection of human health and well-being based at London, UK. RSPH advises on policy development, provide education and training services, encourage scientific research,  disseminate information and certify products, training centres and processes.

RSPH provides vocationally related qualifications that are directly relevant to the workplace and national health priorities. Around 100,000 students qualify through the RSPH every year, through a network of more than 1,500 registered training centres.

International Institute for Certification and Training (IICT) is one such training centre located in Kerala, India.

IICT has RSPH approval for conducting training programmes leading to the following qualifications:

RSPH HACCP Qualifications


Level 3: HACCP for Food Manufacturing

Level 4: HACCP Management for Food Manufacturing

RSPH Food Safety Qualifications

  1. Level 2: Food Safety for Manufacturing
  2. Level 2: Food Safety in Catering
  3. Level 3: Food Safety Supervision for Manufacturing
  4. Level 3: Food Safety Supervision for Catering
  5. Level 4: Food Safety Management for Manufacturing
  6. Level 4: Managing Food Safety in Catering

Organizations in the field of Standardization

IICT Brochure
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